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Privacy Policy

The website is owned and operated by Viandes Métropolitain. This privacy policy concerning the protection of personal information outlines how the personal information you may provide on the website is collected and used.


By browsing on this on this website, you agree, without limitation, to be legally bound by this policy. This includes the use of our online shopping services.


Collection of Personal Information

  1. Browsing
    No personal information is collected or used when you browse the website.
  2. Navigation with a registered user account
    When using our online shopping services, you are required to create a user account, choose a password, and then proceed with your purchases.
    When creating your user account, you will be asked to provide us with the following personal information: your full name, e-mail, address, postal code, and phone number. When placing an order you will be asked to provide us with the name of the person to which the purchase will be shipped to, address, and their phone number(s).
    Personal information such as your product preferences and your financial information will be saved.
  3. Purpose
    Convey with you via e-mail and give you additional information about our products and services, surveys, specials and promotions.
    3.b Provide the proper service concerning the process of your order and to be able to give complete feedback in case you have any questions.
    3.c Assist us in evaluating our customer service performance and online services (shopping online).
    3.d Provide us with insight regarding your shopping preferences.
    3.e Help us improve our services by administrating marketing research and data analysis.
    3.f Maintaining resourceful customer service by staying in contact with you and manage to give you a relevant personalized service.
    3.g Send you, or the recipient products ordered on the website.
    3.h Provide you with the best shopping experience within our capacities

  4. Safety & security
    Viandes Métropolitain is responsible for protecting all personal information with appropriate security safeguards to accommodate the sensitivity of the information disclosed.
  5. Non-exposure
    No personal information collected on this website will be shared to third parties without your consent. The website managers as well as the sales representatives are instructed to comply with this privacy policy.
  6. Risks & no responsibility disclaimer
    Despite regular reviews and updates of security measures and all the efforts made to keep personal information from third parties, full privacy and security cannot be guaranteed on the Internet. When browsing and/or register on this website, you consent that Viandes Métropolitain cannot be held liable in case of personal information breach over the Internet. Therefore, you are communicating your personal information through this website at your own risks.
  7. Information shared with customer service via
    When you join our customer service via e-mail, all personal information shared in the content of that e-mail are kept safely, and are solely consulted by the employees that are concerned with the e-mail request. Employees that consult your information are instructed to comply with the privacy policy.
  8. Questions & requests
    If you have any questions or requests, you can join our customer services at the following address:
    Also, if you wish to contact our customer service via telephone, you can call the following number: +1(514) 729-8486
    If you wish to retract your personal information from our database, you can request to do so using the e-mail address provided above at any time.

Further Information Collected

Whenever you browse on the website, non-personal information is collected automatically like any website on the Internet. Information such as IP address, type of browser, and country code are collected. Any information collected will be used for marketing research, and statistics which will help us improve features on the website.


A cookie is a small text file created by a website that is stored in your computer’s hard disk. The Viandes Métropolitain website uses cookies in order to keep track of your personal preferences and offer you the most personalized service possible. Use of cookies helps you shop more efficiently. Those cookies can be blocked at any time through your settings on your browser.


Updates & Modifications

Updates and modifications can occur to the current Privacy Policy and Viandes Métropolitain reserves the right to modify them at any time without notice. You can access them whenever you wish. Therefore, it is your responsibility to regularly read and to ensure no changes have been made to the Policy.


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